What reviewers are saying about Psychometric Scaling: A Toolkit for Imaging Systems Development.

"Overall, Psychometric Scaling will serve as an excellent introduction and reference book for those involved in imaging system development. It is brief and to the point in its explanations, but supplies a wealth of references for those wanting to dig deeper. The working code will save practitioners many hours and represents a step toward better standardization within the industry. In imaging system optimization, how to measure-psychometric scaling-ought to be automatic and routine so that the developer can concentrate on the bigger issues of what to measure. This book does not address that bigger issue, but does give the reader the information necessary to generate scaling results that can be trusted." - Dr. Jay Thornton, Imaging Science Laboratory, Polaroid Corporation. Complete review appeared in IS&T Reporter Vol. 16, No. 3, June 2001, pgs 11-12.

"Psychometric Scaling is the first of its kind on the topic of Image Quality. The author skillfully demonstrates how the methods of psychometrics, human perception and preferences apply to the scientific investigation of Image Quality. This is an outstanding work, technically sound, and a must read for engineers and psychologists interested in applying quantitative techniques to this new and vibrant field." - Dr. John Baird, Dartmouth College, author of Sensation and Judgment-Complementarity Theory of Psychophysics

"This book provides an outstanding practical guide to the concepts and techniques of a variety of useful psychophysical and psychometric procedures. It is sure to become an often-used manual for any imaging scientists or engineers involved in quantitatively measuring the human perception of images." - Dr. Mark Fairchild, Rochester Institute of Technology, author of Color Appearance Models.

"Engeldrum's Psychometric Scaling is an absolutely outstanding contribution to the literature of this important field. The book is destined to become the primary resource used by researchers who want to execute valid and useful psychometric scaling studies without drowning in the century-old literature of the field. The treatment is both complete and practical. No summary of this sort has ever been attempted, and, until now, researchers had to find the bits and pieces wherever they could. Theory and theoretical issues covered, but the emphasis is on real applications. No one attempting to link human perception to physical stimuli or undertake psychometric scaling should be without this book." - Roger Dooley, psychophysicist.

"In my experience, one of the more frustrating issues surrounding product development in the area of hard copy output devices is making the tradeoff of technology options and image quality. Everyone is his or her own expert on image quality. Finally help has appeared in the form of "Psychometric Scaling". Peter Engeldrum's book, Psychometric Scaling A Tool Kit for Imaging Systems Development, is the most comprehensive guide, for the engineer, product development manager or technologist, that places image quality assessment on a truly sound scientific foundation. The book's layout is very logical in the way the problem is formulated. It begins with the author's pioneering work on the concept of the Image Quality Circle and it guides the reader through the entire process of scaling with in depth explanation of several scaling methodologies. It not only describes the process but also contains a CD-ROM of worksheets referenced to each chapter in the book to be used with Mathcad, that makes application of the process efficient." - Leonard Carreira, Manager of Ink/Media Integration, Inkjet Business Unit, Xerox Corporation

"The imaging era is upon us, and a proliferation of imaging technologies struggle to keep pace, nowhere more so than in the digital domain. Image quality is an issue as never before, with most aspects coming under renewed close scrutiny, though not always wisely. In the rush to provide short-term image quality solutions it is easy to overlook the fact that the basic laws governing optical and chemical image-formation are unchanged, and likewise that the basic properties of human vision remain the same. The psychometric scaling of image attributes is in itself a minefield within which ignoring the accumulated wisdom can have highly misleading or even disastrous practical outcomes. Peter Engeldrum, himself a long-time leading proponent and practitioner, has now provided a commendable service to the imaging community-and especially to its many newer members-by bringing together much of this wisdom between two hard covers (and a single CD). Peter systematically and painstakingly works us through the details of the field, shows us how it should be done, and tells us where to read more." - Dr. Rodney Shaw, Co-author of Image Science

"Psychometric Scaling will help manufacturers and software developers apply more structure to their image quality evaluation programs. When used in the larger context of Engeldrum's Image Quality Circle, Psychometric Scaling provides the necessary inputs to draw relationships between customer perceptions, customer quality preferences, and technology variables. When such relationships are made, image quality earns a full-status role in the product development program." Complete review appeared in the Color Business Report

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