Local History Films

These are films about local Winchester Massachusetts History. To see the history films just click on the start arrow and enjoy!

The Colonel (50 min.)


The Colonel is the story of the namesake of the Town of Winchester Massachusetts, Lt. Colonel William Parsons Winchester.

The Dream (45 min.)


The Dream documents the 1999 decision of the Winchester Historical Society to obtain a long term lease on the Sanborn House with the goal of creating a home for the Historical Society, restore the property, and establish a Historical and Cultural Center for the town. The six year odyssey, that culminated in a 75 year lease, is told by two of the Historical Society's past Presidents, Gail Sjo and Carol Keller.

These are the historical Town Meetings that led to the Sanborn House Lease. To view the film click on the the forward arrow below.

Excessing the Sanborn House—Town Meeting


Approving the lease—Town Meeting


Signing the lease with Selectman