This is Winchester!

This is Winchester!

This is a series about Winchester town government and departments. To see the films just click on the start arrow and enjoy!

Water, Water Everywhere (16:30 min.)

Water, Water Everywhere Water, Water Everywhere is the story of how the small town of Winchester Massachusetts provides clean drinking water to residents from two sources: three reservoirs located in the Middlesex Fells Reservation; and also from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority’s (MWRA) reservoirs. Included is the history of how the town decided to create its own reservoirs for a water supply starting in 1873. The manager of today’s Winchester Water and Sewer Operations Department, James Gibbons, is interviewed and describes the process of water supply management, water treatment, and water distribution and system maintenance. A small taste preference test of water from Winchester reservoirs, the MWRA, and bottled water showed there was little correlation between what people drink at home and their preferred test water, in other words most people preferred a sample of water different from what they drink at home.

The Transfer Station Is Not A Dump! (11 min.)

The Transfer Station Is Not A Dump! How residents of a small town (Winchester MA) dispose of their unwanted goods at the transfer station; trash, batteries, recyclable materials, usable goods, including items for the town’s swap shop and books and clothing. And what residents can take home, including screened loam and usable goods dropped off by other residents at the swap shop. Co-Produced by Joyce Westner & Peter G. Engeldrum.

Town Meeting (12 min.)

Town Meeting -- A 2021 Alliance for Community Media Award winner! This film is about Winchester’s Town Meeting. Town Meeting is the oldest form of government practiced in the United States, and predates the formation of the country. It is the most common form of town government in New England. Co-produced by Peter G. Engeldrum and Joyce Westner, directed and written by Joyce Westner, and narrated by Lauri Minitti. Persons interviewed include: MaryEllen Lanon, Town Clerk, Lisa Wong, Town Manager, with an address by Peter Haley, Town Moderator.