Short Films

These are short films about various topics. To see a film just click on the start arrow and enjoy!

MCA Spring Walk 2016 (6 min.)


The Middlesex Canal Association conducts both a spring and fall walk along the various segments of the old Middlesex Canal.

Hot Air Clean Hands (1 min.)


Hot Air Clean Hands is political satire.

Autumn on Wright-Locke Farm (6 min.)


Autumn on Wright-Locke Farm shows the Farm in all its fall splendor.

Dick and His Model A (16 min.)


Dick and His Model A is the story of restoring a 1931 Model A pickup truck.

Hail Storm (1/2 min.)


A hail storm on July 23, 2016 caused the temp to drop 26 degrees in 15 minutes and produced hail 1/2 inch in diameter.

Garbage Day (3 min.)


Garbage Day fun.